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Personal Financial Roadmap

First draft in February 2019.
(More in Vietnamese)

Easy come, easy go? We make it easy come, easy save.

Ever wonder why saving money seems to be so much harder than spending it? You are not alone if you raise that question. Establish financial discipline with Personal Financial Roadmap (PFR) to help you achieve your financial goals and plans. We can also help you to avoid living the “Scrooge” life, where may make your life miserable from saving too much, and the restrictions you place on your expenditures are not compatible with your lifestyle. So the question here is, how much is too much saving?

PFR financial budgeting tool will help you organize and allocate your funds appropriately to prepare you for a stable financial future.

Why Financial Planning?

We all have different lifestyles. As a result, all of us will have different financial planning styles to best suit our lifestyles. Regardless if it’s the paycheque-to-paycheque life or the collecting change in a jar life, without the proper planning, it is very easy for debt to accumulate if you are not aware of how much of your money is going and where it is going, specifically.
Without a proper method and plan to save your money, it will be very hard to achieve your financial goals.

Designing a long-term savings plan can be quite difficult. There are numerous variables that can influence the outcome of that plan in unexpected ways: duration of saving, economic downturn, political change, inflation, employment rates, and so much more. This could change your original plans to send your children to soccer practice and ballet lessons; to fund your teen’s college tuition and pay for their textbooks; to go on that dream vacation that you always wanted; to retire with a generous amount of money to live comfortably.
No sweat. PFR will take care of it. PFR does all the hard work for you, bypassing the difficulties associated with long-term financial planning to help you take back control of your life. Be more confident about your future finances and watch the pennies that you save today grow into dollars that you will have in abundance when you need it the most.

2 Step Process: Let’s break it down

This tool is based on two principles, modeled after two phases of a person’s life:

Phase 1: PFRp1
1. Work and earn money to pay for your daily expenses E.g. utility bills, mortgage, car payments, groceries
2. Save for future expenses e.g. children’s college tuition, retirement

Phase 2: PFRp2
Spend the money you have accumulated in your long-term savings plan, whether it be pension or retirement savings.

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